pmp_device_information_t Struct Reference
[PMPlib device API]

PMP device environment. More...

#include <pmp.h>

Data Fields

ucs2char_t path_to_root [MAX_PATH]
 Path to the root directory of the player.
ucs2char_t path_to_system [MAX_PATH]
 Relative path to the system directory from the root.
ucs2char_t path_to_music [MAX_PATH]
 Relative path to the music directory from the root.
ucs2char_t path_to_playlist [MAX_PATH]
 Relative path to the playlist directory from the root.
uint32_t music_flag
 Music flags.
uint32_t playlist_flag
 Playlist flags.
uint32_t num_audio_codecs
 Number of elements in audio_codecs array.
 Array of PMPFOURCC values corresponding to the supported audio codecs.
uint32_t num_audio_extensions
 Number of elements in audio_extensions array.
ucs2char_t ** audio_extensions
 Array of ucs2char_t string values for audio file extensions.
const pmp_device_description_t decl
 Description about the device.

Detailed Description

PMP device environment.

This structure stores information about predefined paths, capability,

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Field Documentation

Path to the root directory of the player.

Definition at line 201 of file pmp.h.

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